Hi there friend!  I am so glad you found your way to my little nook  of the interweb!   Who Am I?  Well, simply put, I am a friend to many, a wife to my dear hunky hubby, and mama to my little babe.   I am an artist, explorer of the heart and a darn good time, if I do say so myself ;)  
I choose to feed my family with something that feeds my heart. Photography is my love language.  My baby boy has an empty baby book and a sparsely written journal from me...  However he has a gazillion beautiful photos of every moment of his happy life so far.  

I love to find beauty in all moments in life, I'm kinda a hippy that way.  My desire is for my work to be a mirror to your beauty.  I want you to see your ear to ear smile when your love wraps their arms around you.  I want you to feel the exhale when you are held close by your partner.  I want to document your legacy of love for all to see.   Life can be hard at times, but we can always come back to love &
I want to provide you with a concrete reminder of that love. 
Planning a wedding is quite an undertaking.  Choosing a wedding photographer from the sea of talent out there can be a tough task.  But here is where you follow your heart.  Your heart should be drawn to the images and the feeling of the work you are looking at.  If your heart is telling you to reach out to me, DO IT!!  I am super excited to hear from you!!